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Where Is Saiful Police Report?

LATEST: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has received a copy of the police report made by Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan who claimed that the PKR de facto leader had sodomised him.

Speaking at a press conference at Yayasan Aman, Anwar said there were contradictory statements made in relation to the case and he therefore believed the allegation was aimed at tarnishing his image.

It is learnt that the police report was given to him on Friday August 15.

He said he had also seen the first medical report made by a Pusrawi Hospital doctor and was privy to the second medical report.

Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyer has said it again – give us the police report made by the PKR de facto leader’s 23-year-old former aide Saiful Bukhari Azlan without “any further waffling or prevarication”.

Sivarasa said, “How can anyone called in to give a police statement in relation to a criminal investigation know what exactly the police are investigating and be obliged to answer questions without having a copy or even sight of the initial documents that sparks off the relevant criminal investigation?

“How is a person under a police questioning to know whether the answer he is giving will incriminate him unless he first knows exactly what offence he is being accused of or the police are investigating?”

“Is it so that they can keep amending and amending and amending it to fit in with the statement that I have just given to them?” asked Anwar last week.

“If they give the report to me now, how am I supposed to know that it is the original? Are they waiting to make up the ‘perfect’ police report?”

The following are comments on news report No more waffling, we want the police report NOW published by MalaysiaKini 21 July 2008.

Yap Choi Yin said : Let it be said from the very outset that the first information report made by the complainant to the police is the most important document for the defence of the accused person because it frames the charge and therefore limits the evidence that will be allowed in the case.

It is not a joke that if there is no first information report, then it has to be concluded that no report was made, and that being the case, there is no case to meet.

In this respect, public utterances of BN ministers and the PM himself raise very serious suspicion that the police and the Barisan Nasional government are not clean and that the pressure that is brought to bear on Anwar has an ulterior agenda and it is not a good one.

I say to DSAI that he must not give in to police request for his DNA.

The law requires the police to give to an accused person a copy of the first report. That being the law, now that DSAI has been questioned, he is by law entitled to obtain a copy of the report.

I have had a similar experience and can say that the judges, police and the whole apparatus of law enforcement in Malaysia believe they have power to act with impunity.

The case of the Anwar’s entitlement to a copy of the first information report and the police’s rejection of Anwar’s right is a classic case of police abuse of their powers.

The right of Anwar in law is provided for in the rules of evidence and criminal procedure.

Yet, he is still improperly obstructed from enforcing his rights. What does that say of our Malaysian apparatus of law ?

Mickel Raj said : In Anwar’s case of sodomy, why has Saiful not been arrested and charged for a similar case as he is not a minor?

If its true of what he says, he must be arrested and charged under the same case.

If found guilty, he should be given rotan and jail if the law says so. It would be very strange if he knew the consequences of the law and still reported it, unless he has some thing more rewarding than the jail term he is going to receive. From where?

As I see it, there is no smoke without fire.

Meng said : You sometimes wonder how many times the government of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi can shoot themselves in the foot before they realise what is going on.

As in 1998, the many who were apolitical and apathetic became reformasi supporters simply because of the injustice heaped upon Anwar Ibrahim. Even if many did not turun padang, many became sympathisers.

Its happening again, and if the government of Abdullah has to call fresh elections in light of a no- confidence vote and many will simply vote the Pakatan Rakyat into power because of sheer disgust over the way the police and the government are out to get Anwar.

Even if those few who voted BN in March were not convinced then, I believe they will be now. I believe Malays, especially the many conservative ones, will not tolerate the way Anwar was treated during his latest incarceration.

Being stripped, probed and poked before spending the night on a cold cement floor is very inhumane.

If the last elections saw a shift in Indian and Chinese voters, this time we shall see a shift in Malays as well. Good bye to the elitist BN government.

Amir Hamzah Amha said : In my short stint as a practising lawyer, I find it incredible that both the government and the police have labelled Anwar as uncooperative and have made headlines announcing him as such.

My stand is clear – Anwar Ibrahim should not give any cooperation to any person based on any accusation on the sole premise that no copy of the police report against him has been given.

Anwar has a right to know his accuser and the subject matter of the accusation. Incidentally, in parliament, Khairy Jamaluddin even seemed to be inferring that he has read a copy of this report. What treachery is this?

The Bar Council in early 2008, in the midst of being investigated for the Human Rights Day incident and the March for Peace in Putrajaya, was ‘interviewed’ by the police.

When a question was about to be asked, the lawyers for the Bar Council objected and asked for a copy of the ‘First Information Report’ (FIR) lodged against them.

The investigative officers were shocked and clueless, knowing that there was no report to be tabled and shown to the Bar Council. They left without asking any further questions.

I call upon the lawyers of Anwar to initiate an injunction from the High Court restraining the police from conducting any further so-called investigation against Anwar until a copy of the report is made with an apology.

GKB said : For goodness sake, just give Anwar a copy of the police report which, as Anwar’s lawyer pointed out, is a public document. The way the police are conducting this investigation is suspicious and leery.

Many people who were uncertain are now convinced more than ever that this is a conspiracy against Anwar.

How can the hospital deny the fact that Anwar was stripped naked and his body examined? Why would Anwar will lie about this?

His detailed account has a ring of truth to it and he even said he refused to be photographed naked.

Asking for a fresh blood sample when he police already have his DNA profile on record is another suspicious act.

The police are unwittingly setting themselves up so that any evidence presented in court will be disbelieved by the public.

If the date and time of the alleged offense match Anwar’s movements, the public will believe the police report was amended after the fact. If Saiful can give an accurate description of Anwar’s body, the public will believe that the information came from the police.

If matching DNA was found in Saiful’s clothes or body, the public will believe that the DNA was planted from the fresh sample given by Anwar.

From the way things are being done, the public may be right. If there is no evidence, just close the case instead trying to fabricate evidence to suit.

Siew Khim said : The corrupt, greedy and stupid BN regime will have to find Anwar guilty to keep him out of politics for a long time.

There are billions of ringgit at stake and these greedy, corrupted people cannot let it go. Even Mahathir and his family could be involved.

One way or another, Anwar has to be stopped. If the sodomy case cannot eliminate Anwar as a threat, they will find some other way.

Confused said : When the great PM was asked to comment about his deputy’s involvement in the Altantuya murder case, he said that he couldn’t give his opinion as he has to respect the court and it is wrong for him to interfere with the court proceedings.

However, when it comes to Anwar’s case, he is free to give his one sen opinion, including asking Anwar to give his DNA. What a double standard!

I am wondering what happened to the old DNA? I don’t think it existed at all, or as usual, they probably misplaced it.

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