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USM Introduces SMS Learning Method

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has moved a step further by introducing the short message service (SMS) in its learning methods for post-graduate programmes in its School of Distance Education (SDE).

SDE Pricipal Researcher (Mobile Learning) Dr Issham Ismail said masters or doctor of philosophy (PhD)-level students interested in conducting research on distance learning could obtain information and contact their lecturers using SMS.

“A mobile learning research team was created in 2007 when the higher education ministry provided a grant to conduct research on SMS as a module in the system of distance learning,” he told reporters here Monday.

He said, so far, 20 masters and PhD students had begun learning and conducting research with the help of the SMS.

Issham said the ministry had allocated RM330,000 for the learning, via the SMS programme.

Following the success of the SMS usage, USM has organised a two-day international e-learning conference, beginning Monday.

The conference, participated by representatives from 19 countries, is aimed at encouraging researchers and academicians to present their research on learning through telecommunications.

Source : BERNAMA

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