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Steps To Take When Accident Happened

Guide when involved in an accident;

  1. Do not leave the scene. (Take photos of the scene)
  2. Call for medical assistance if there are injuries.
  3. Contact the police – Be calm and do not panic. Ensure to get a copy of the police reports.
  4. Do exchange drivers’ information and numbers – be courteous and never apologize or discuss on anything as other’s might consider it as your fault.
  5. Contact your insurance company and seek legal advice – Do not make statements to other insurance company involved untill you talked to your own insurance company and after consulted by attorney.
  6. Keep all evidence and reports – It may be your solid evidence to your favor for future references and legal references.
  7. Never pay cash for a claim – to other person involved in the accident at the scene. Do not pay cash to the tow truck driver without a receipt (you may be reimbursed by the insurance company)
  8. Look for witnesses. Record the name of any witness, preferably those who are not in your car, but, were situated near the accident scene and saw what happened.

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