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Raja Petra Released On Bail

Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin who was released on bail Friday said that he did not go on “hunger strike” in prison.

Raja PetraHe also vowed to continue updating his Malaysia Today news portal in a day or two.

Raja Petra, 58, said he had refused to eat because “prison food is paid by the rakyat.”

“I do not think the rakyat’s money is well spent, so I refused to eat any food,” he said after his release on a RM5,000 bail at the court premises.

The father of five said he had not eaten any food since he was charged in the Sessions Court here on Tuesday for sedition.

“Since I could not have food from outside, I did not eat at all. I want to go back and have breakfast now. I am dehydrated,” said Raja Petra who smiled and immediately drank a bottle of mineral water supplied by his wife Marina Lee Abdullah.

Marina, 54, also hugged and kissed Raja Petra after he had signed court documents for his release at 9.30am.

Asked why he had refused to see any visitors, he said there was no purpose for him to meet anyone.

“My (trial) case is in October. So, I only meet the people in October,” he said.

However, Raja Petra claimed that the prison authorities had urged him to allow his wife to bail him.

“They said they couldn’t guarantee my safety in prison. They received some reports in prison (over this) and assigned two UTK (Special Action Force) full-time to look after me,” he said.

“Two prisoners also shouted at me in a threatening manner that something was going to happen to me.”

Besides that, he said he had backache because of his three nights slept on a hard floor.

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