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Pak Lah : Mistake To Ignore Cyber Campaign

Meng: With the above statement and with the reappointment of Muhammad Muhd Taib to the cabinet, it only shows that Pak Lah has not heard the rakyat. He still doesn’t get it. I am not sure if he is ill-advised.

It was not the cyber-campaign that led to BN’s disastrous results as the Internet only gave an avenue for the rakyat to release some tension and to vent their frustrations. Cyberspace helped each Malaysian realise that they were not the only ones who felt distressed but there were others who were equally frustrated.

Perhaps Pak Lah needs to know that the reason for BN’s fall is the frustration of being a Malaysian. From doing business to dealing with government civil servants; there is not an occasion when corruption and graft is absent. It is so rampant. Then in the backdrop, you have overt racist remarks spoken carelessly and without thought. There are difficulties in making ends meet with the rising costs of everything.

The call for the rakyat to change their lifestyle is matched with the extravagant lifestyles of our leaders. There is arrogance and a lack of sensitivity on the part of the government. This, dear prime minister is the reason for the rakyat’s anger and if you still cannot get it then I do not know how else to get this message across.

Fifty-something: Our PM and BN miss the mark again. I’m in my 50s. I read the online alternative media, various blogs and the international news sites. I do not read the local print media or watch the local TV news. It’s not only the young who have switched to the alternative media – it’s almost everyone!

The truth is that our PM and BN refuse to acknowledge that the rakyat are no longer sheep, that the world has changed, and that the old propagandist ways don’t work in today’s world. Until they do, they’ll continue to miss the mark with the rakyat.

Peter Yew: The prime minister is missing the point. Even if BN has campaigned in cyberspace it would still lose many seats because the people are fed-up with the lies and corruption they hear. The Internet just made it easier for people to get information that mainstream media had suppressed all these years. It is to the credit of the online alternative media that they helped bring BN to its knees.

It is Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s misfortune that the Internet has come of age in Malaysia during his first term in office as PM. Mahathir would not have been able to fight it even if he had stayed on as PM instead of resigning in 2003.

Such is the power of information and truth that has now, in the hands of the people, become effective weapons to keep the nation well-governed from now on.

Ravi Chitty: It was not that the Internet or cyber-war against the government linked MSM. Rest assured that truth prevailed over lies or mere propaganda and threats. BN could have used the Internet and cyber-network to the maximum and would still have performed disastrously.

Please give credit to the rakyat who can differentiate right from wrong and truth from lies. Whilst the Internet and cyber-network did not really topple the government of the day, they certainly aided the opposition to uncover and expose the blatant lies and scandals which were the main reasons BN performed badly

Remember that it was not the cyber-campaign that turned the tide. Rather it was the lack of truth and accountability that did.

Leon Chan: I believe our dear PM is still ignorant over what had hit him and BN. Even if they had put up a strong cyber campaign, similar in line with their print media, tv and radio, the result of the election would still have been the same.

BN lost because of their arrogance and blatant unfairness – not because they did not engage in cyber campaigning. The young people are looking at both the print media and the alternative media. Mr Prime Minister, didn’t the voice of ‘change’ waken you?

Wan-Leong Jiangti: Had the consideration for the cyber-campaign been taken into account, is the PM so confident that the Malaysian citizens would have been satisfied with our recent progress?

Please acknowledge that more than just campaigns and promotions are needed to win a general election. I do not see that the strong opposition campaign influenced the citizens’ vote. The citizens just made up their minds. So please give the Malaysian citizen the credit they deserve – they have an opinion.

Henry: Abdullah Ahmad Badawi please stop giving lip services and making statements that you are the prime minister for all Malaysians. If you practice what you claim, then why is it every year so many deserving non-Bumi children have got to beg the MCA for help? You said you did not have evidence to act against corruption but isn’t the late Zakaria Deros’ palace not good enough evidence of corruption ?

It is difficult to believe what you say anymore. You say one thing today and another thing tomorrow. What you say has to be swallowed not with a pinch of salt but a handful.

Patriotic Malaysian in China: If we look at the speeches of the PM in the last two weeks, we would notice that he touched on the word ‘corruption’ and on the issue of corruption no more then two times. Why is this so? After all, this was one of the key issues the rakyat had resented for so long and this was also one of the main reasons why the BN was thrashed in the last election.

Now that the PM has included Muhd Muhd Taib in his cabinet, the people know he is not listening to the rakyat. Simple as that. Whatever his considerations, be it for balancing the power in Umno for his own survival or others, the PM’s second term is doomed to fail.

Chuacj: Pak Lah, we do not tust you anymore and the rakyat has became smarter. All these institutions, the judiciary, the police, the ACA, the mainstream press and the television stations all belong to BN.

The only thing that belong to rakyat are darkness and suffering. We do not know what is happenning especially with our money. Every goverment deal is sealed behind closed doors.

You do not even repect the Raja and Sultan. I hope we will not turn into communist country’

Dr Robin Hood: Dear Mr PM, for a start, kick out Muhammad Muhd Taib and see for yourself the positive comments you will receive. Then, make absolutely sure that Mahathir apologises to Salleh Abbas – if he refuses leave it to a royal commission to take of him without your interference.

Take on people like him. Not poor honest citizens like the Hindraf people who only demonstrated for some genuine economic, educational and business opportunities help. This way, you may stay in power and get back your two-thirds majority.

Up, Up and Away: Mr Prime Minister, I was not looking for someone to campaign in front of my eyes. I wanted a change, just like many other Malaysians who wanted changes. What matters most to everyone is his stand on certain issues affecting the rakyat.

The cyber-world is a matter of choice and however hard you campaigned in cyberspace, the election results still would not have been too far off what is was on March 8.

The above are comments made on an article Abdullah : Big Mistake To Ignore Cyber Campaign which were published in Malaysiakini on 25 March 2008.

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    hahhahahh seem like the writers know everything…so im suggest u will become a new Prime Minister next term…stupid…

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