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Malaysia’s 40 Richest For 2009 By Forbes

Malaysia’s 40 wealthiest are worth $36 billion, down from $46 billion a year ago. That loss is largely in line with the 21% drop in the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index and not too bad considering the fact that the Malaysian ringgit has lost 10% against the U.S. dollar, the currency in which net worths are measured.

Forbes Asia Malaysia's 40 RichestMalaysia’s billionaires continue to dominate. The country’s two richest people, Robert Kuok and Ananda Krishnan, both again No. 1 and No. 2, are worth a combined $16 billion and account for 44% of the top 40’s wealth. The two, who have topped Forbes Asia’s Malaysian rich list since it debuted in 2006, are also the two wealthiest in Southeast Asia. The country’s nine billionaires are worth $30 billion, or 84% of the total, the biggest wealth disparity among any of Forbes Asia’s other rich lists. Vincent Tan is the only Malaysian to have dropped out of the billionaire ranks in the past 12 months, as share prices in his companies declined.

Syed Mokhtar Albukhary, who lost his billionaire status earlier this year, is back up top, worth $1.1 billion, thanks to a rebound of his Malaysia Mining Corp. stock.

Top 40 Richest Man In Malaysia For 2009 are:

  1. (1)Robert Kuok USD 9 billion, 85, married, 8 children.
  2. (2)Ananda Krishnan USD 7 billion, 71, married, 3 children.
  3. (3)Lee Shin Cheng USD 3.2 billion, 70, married, 6 children.
    Palm Oil
  4. (5)Lee Kim Hua USD 2.5 billion, 80, widowed, 6 children.
  5. (4)Teh Hong Piow USD 2.4 billion, 79, married, 4 children.
  6. (6)Quek Leng Chan USD 2.3 billion, 68, married, 3 children.
  7. (7)Yeoh Tiong Lay USD 1.8 billion, 79, married, 7 children.
  8. (8)Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary USD 1.1 billion, 57, married, 5 children.
  9. (10)Tiong Hiew King USD 1 billion, 74, married, 4 children.
  10. (9)Vincent Tan USD 750 million, 57, married, 11 children.
  11. (11)Azman Hashim USD 470 million, 69, married, 5 children.
  12. (12)William H.J. Cheng USD 390 million, 66, married, 3 children.
  13. (26)G. Gnanalingam USD 260 million, 64, married, 3 children.
  14. (15)Lim Kok Thay USD 225 million, 57, married, 3 children.
  15. (19)Anthony Fernandes USD 220 million, 45, married, 2 children.
  16. (20)Mokhzani Mahathir USD 215 million, 48, married, 5 children.
    Oil Services
  17. (17)Lee Oi Hian USD 210 million, 58, married, 4 children.
  18. (-)Chan Fong Ann USD 209 million, 78, married.
    Palm Oil
  19. (21)Kamarudin Meranun USD 205 million, 48, married, 5 children.
  20. (24)Chong Chook Yew USD 200 million, 87, widowed, 4 children.
    Real Estate
  21. (-)Chen Lip Keong USD 195 million, 61, NA.
  22. (13)Lee Swee Eng USD 190 million, 53, married.
    Oil Services
  23. (22)Jeffrey Cheah USD 185 million, 64, married, 3 children.
    Real Estate
  24. (27)Lim Wee Chai USD 180 million, 51, married, 2 children.
    Rubber Gloves
  25. (34)Ahmayuddin Ahmad USD 175 million, 52, married, 4 children.
  26. (23)Lee Hau Hian USD 174 million, 55, married, 1 child.
  27. (29)Lau Cho Kun USD 165 million, 73, married.
  28. (16)Vinod Sekhar USD 150 million, 41, married, 2 children.
  29. (33)Liew Kee Sin USD 140 million, 50, married, 4 children.
    Real Estate
  30. (32)Tiah Thee Kian USD 135 million, 61, married, 5 children.
    Real Estate
  31. (-)Rozali Ismail USD 130 million, 53, NA.
  32. (36)Lin Yun Ling USD 115 million, 54, married, 2 children.
  33. (18)Yaw Teck Seng USD 113 million, 71, married.
  34. (-)Goh Peng Ooi USD 112 million, 53, NA.
  35. (35)Eleena Azlan Shah USD 110 million, 49, married, 2 children.
  36. (31)David Law Tien Seng USD 105 million, NA.
  37. (-)Syed Mohd Yusof Tun Syed Nasir USD 100 million, 61, married, 3 children.
  38. (-)Hamdan Mohamad USD 98 million, 53, married, 2 children.
  39. (-)Tan Teong Hean USD 95 million, 65, married, 3 children.
  40. (28)Kua Sian Kooi USD 90 million, 56, married, 4 children.

Note : (last year rank)

Three newcomers debut, thanks to the discovery of better or new information. They include software executive Goh Peng Ooi, ioi board member Chan Fong Ann and gaming tycoon Chen Lip Keong, who operates a casino in Cambodia and a tourism business in Malaysia.

Four people have returned to the ranks after an absence of a year or more. Among them are Syed Mohd Yusof Tun Syed Nasir and Tan Teong Hean, who cashed out of Southern Bank several years ago and are now making new investments. The minimum net worth to make the list is $90 million, down from $100 million last year. This is held by Kua Sian Kooi, executive chairman of Kurnia Asia, who made it to the last spot following a big rally in his insurance firm’s stock, up 50% since the start of April.

Among those who dropped out of the ranks are several tycoons who barely missed the cut, including CIMB bank’s Nazir Razak and OSK finance group’s Ong Leong Huat. Malaysian citizen Ong Beng Seng, who has lived in Singapore for decades, is wealthy enough to qualify but stands to be listed among that nation’s 40 richest in September, largely due to the fact that he and his wife, Christina, who is a citizen of Singapore, share a number of holdings.

Not in the list this year;

  • (14)Ong Beng Seng, 64, married, 2 children.
  • (25)Yaw Chee Ming, 50, married.
  • (30)Abdul Hamed Sepawi, 59, married, 2 children.
  • (37)Ong Leong Huat, 65, married, 4 children.
  • (38)Lim Thian Kiat, 51, divorced.
  • (39)Khoo Kay Peng, 70, NA.
  • (40)Nazir Razak, 42, married.

The list was compiled using shareholder and financial information provided by individuals themselves, stock exchanges, public documents and analysts. For people with publicly traded documents, net worths were calculated using stock prices and exchange rates from May 15. Privately held fortunes were calculated using database company BRIS and other sources to estimate what companies and assets would be worth if public.

Source : Forbes

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