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Gaile Lai Sexy Bedroom Photos

Sexy bedroom photos of Hong Kong top model Gaile Lai, girlfriend of Heavenly King Leon Lai, are currently spreading on the Internet. The source of these photos was pointed to the Facebook account of female photographer Eydie Tai. Lai is known to be bold in taking provocative photos which had been published on tabloids.

Tai, who shot Sammi Cheng’s album cover photos, uploaded photos she had taken of 40 top models which include Lai, Balia Chan and Lisa S, onto her personal Facebook account and set the privacy level of photo album to “Everyone”, whereby anyone with or without a Facebook account can view the photos.

Judging from the background of the series of 43 photos, it is believed that they were shot at the models’ private apartments.

In the photos, Lai was seen in alluring poses, sitting and lying on her bed filled with plush toys, dressed in sexy lingerie; another photo featured her biting her lips provocatively, in a tank top, seeming without her bra on, sitting on a flush toilet.

According to reports, Lai was stunned and helpless when she learnt that her photos had been spread via her photographer’s Facebook account. Apparently, the photos were uploaded without permission.

According to reliable source, Tai has excellent socializing skills and knows many top models and celebrities. In addition, she is one of the very few female photographers in showbiz; many female stars have thus more comfortable working with her.

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