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15Malaysia – One Future

One Future is the eight film from 15Malaysia project. 15Malaysia is 15 short films project about Malaysia made by 15 Malaysian filmmakers. . One Future is an edgy and powerful science fiction story of a society where everything is perfect, except no one is allowed to speak.

The director for One Future is Tan Chui Mui.

15 Malaysia One Future

* Principal Cast : Tian Chua, Ida Nerina, Pete Teo (Narrator) * Supporting Cast : Cynthia Gabriel, Azman Hassan, Low Wai Sun, Oon Lai Keat, Lam Pooi Leng, Charlotte Lim, Diana Fernando, Sumining, Melissa Fernando, Noreen Joseph, Lee Kai Yin, Syed Harun, Muhammad Nazmi, Nikki Tok, Nor Aliya, John Teti, Albert Law, Christine Teti, Scott Issaac, Lee Ming Jun, Lee Yee Ling * Executive Producer : Packet One Networks * Producer : Pete Teo * Director : Tan Chui Mui * DOP : Tan Chui Mui * Editor : Tan Chui Mui * Music : Ng Chor Guan * Post Audio : The Ark Studios * Translation : Copyleft Studio

The Making Of 15Malaysia One Future

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