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15Malaysia – Gerhana

15Malaysia is 15 short films about Malaysia featuring some of the country’s coolest directors, actors, musicians and politicians. Gerhana is the tenth short films released to the public. This short film is about two secret lovers rendezvous in a plush hotel room while TV news is read in the background. A dark take on apathy in Malaysia.

Gerhana is directed by James Lee.

15Malaysia Gerhana

* Principal Cast : Azman Hassan, Daphne Iking * Supporting Cast : Nam Ron, Soefira Jaafar * Executive Producer : Packet One Networks * Producer : Pete Teo * Director : James Lee * DOP : J. Ishmael * Editor : Jamil * Music : Ronnie Khoo * Sound : Ng Ken Kin * Post Video : James Lee * Post Audio : The Ark Studios * Translation : Copyleft Studio

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