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Tributes for Yasmin Ahmad

Yasmin AhmadIt was a shock, and a big loss to the Southeast Asian Film Community. I’d like to offer my heartfelt condolences to the family of Yasmin, a filmmaker whose films I admired and enjoyed. It was also a startling coincidence that last year I and my friends in Bangkok made a documentary called The Convert, which was also the title of Yasmin’s feature film, and both movies, hers and ours, discussed more or less the same issues of co-existence and open-mindedness that unite the people of different religions living in the same society. You will be remembered, Yasmin, and may your soul rest in peace. –Kong Rithdee, Film critic, Bangkok Post, Thailand

There are just very few things that can instantly take my mind back home. Kelantanese food, Langkawi beaches and the brilliant tv ads by Yasmin. She really did a brilliant job at reminding us how easy it is to live peacefully as Malaysian. Merdeka, Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali will never be the same again without her masterpiece! – Joe Jaafar, England.

Through her vision, she reminded us of the little things that we take for granted. In her own unique way, she taught us love, respect and unity. She will always be in the eyes of many as the true ambassador of a united Malaysia. My deepest condolences to her family at this time. – T.S. Lim

Yasmin Ahmad,you know you are one star given by God to spread good work. No words can describe how magnificent is your work.But I know you know it. Rest in peace although its really TOO EARLY. – Ms Pame,France

There was no need to put a label like 1 Malaysia on Yasmin’s work eventhough she has done more in promoting that concept before it was used as a political anthem. Yasmin’s work is simply driven by love … and that’s just my humble opinion. May Allah bless you, Yasmin Ahmad. I know you have changed more people’s lives than you have ever imagined. – Az Karim, PJ/BSB

Thank you for all your great work,
thank you for your passion,
thank you for realizing us the quality of being a malaysian,
thank you for making me understand the meaning of being a truth malaysian,
thank you. – KEE ALFIAN ABD. ADZIS

Yasmin Ahmad is awe-inspiring talent! The commercials that she created for Petronas really blew my mind. I remember visiting the Petronas website just to watch the ads over and over again. Such is her invincible impact! – Kim Chow

We all lost a great legend who brought together all the races in her work unassumingly. With her passing, movies and commercials will no longer have the impact or insightful messages that she managed to bring out effortlessly and tie them to our hearts. She was the only director who continuously reminded us what it used to be in Malaysia amongst all the races and made sure we remembered them always. My condolences to her family and I hope her family will remember her the legend she was and nothing else. May your soul rest in peace. – Vijay V Pillai

Dear Yasmin, You have inspired me much more than you’ll ever know. Every year, when I return to my hometown, Penang, for Chinese New Year or any other festivals, one of the things I look forward to is your Petronas ads. They never fail to warm my heart and bring tears to my eyes. You’re one of those who dared to push the boundaries with your films and ads, and I respect and admire you for that. Thank you so much for showing me what it is to be truly Malaysian. Our country has lost someone great, and we will miss you dearly. R.I.P, Yasmin. – Quah Chin Chin, Singapore

Yasmin Ahmad, you are the truly Malaysian unity icon. Al-Fatihah & R.I.P – Nurul-Shah Alam.

Others make movie or commercials to earn big bucks, but your movies and commercials reminded me of family value and love, we surely miss you Yasmin Ahmad. – Eddie Lee

I was flabbergasted when I heard that she has passed away. I was really looking forward to see more masterpiece work from her as all her film and advert never fail to make me moved. Nevertheless it seems that God love her more than we do but I will never forget her as one of the most proficient director ever in Malaysia. Kak Yasmin, you will always be remembered, thank you so much for all your hard work and tremendous effort to unite the nation through film. My condolences to her family and may your soul rest in peace. – Julian Kok, United Kingdom

Yasmin, I have always admired your courage and the way you portrayed your ideals and values in your commendable works. Not only that I believed in it, I tried to exercise it as well. To say that you are an august personage is truly an understatement. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Al-fatihah. – N A Zakariya, Wellington.

Yasmin, You walked past me one night a few months back at GSC Midvalley during a screening. You were chatting jovially with a group of your friends. I could see how grounded you were even with so much success and perhaps this is what make your works so respected internationally. You are the only local director I consistently pay to see all your movies in the cinema – Sepet, Gubra, Mukshin, Talentimes etc. because I know there is this side of your storytelling that is refreshing to watch and never been seen before. Your works are unique. We are just unfortunate to have not seen more. You will be missed. – Bruce Leong

Walking down the Sydney Darling Harbour with my friends for a short vacation with happiness suddenly turned sombre as we received the message on our mobiles that Kak Yasmin has left us. Kak Yasmin, the time came too soon that you have return to the Creator. I grew up as a young boy remembering all your festive season short video clips which you have directed for Petronas. I can remember fondly of many of your works which you put on tirelessly to target our fellow Malaysians. Your truly Malaysian movies such as Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin, Rabun and a few others were nevertheless one of our favourites in the modern day today. Many of my generations living abroad especially here in Australia were shocked of your sudden departure. Nevertheless, we are truly thankful for nurturing us and my fellow young adult generations the most valuable moral values in which we cannot learn by books but through our daily life actions. Rest in peace, Kak Yasmin. – William Ng Kee Aun, ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA

Creating a meaningful, down-to-earth and simply inspiring piece of advertisement takes not only talent but it takes someone who could see beyond faces and gets down to the basics of life – the heart of the matter. Through the inspiring work of Yasmin Ahmad, we are reminded of the roots of our rich culture, our familY,our racial harmony, our origin. Yasmin Ahmad is now gone but through her work she has touched many hearts. Rest in peace, Yasmin. – SARAWAKIAN IN KL.

Dear Yasmin, I grew up anticipating your advertisements every festive season.Your brilliant ads never failed to amaze me. In Rabun,you immortalized the grandeur of parental love. In Sepet, you introduced me to the beauty of Rabindranath Tagore’s words. In Gubra,you reminded me that everyone is the same in the eyes of God. In Mukhsin,you taught me that to love is to let go. In Talentime, you serenaded me with all the beautiful songs and how loathsome racial bigotry is. Thank you for touching my life Yasmin. You will be dearly missed. May Allah place you among the righteous ones. Al-Fatihah. Love, Nora

I was in a banana leaf shack having lunch with a friend. In my backpack was a copy of Sepet, brought specifically for that friend to watch. I was a fan and, like all fans, was full of evangelistic fervour. Suddenly Yasmin and a group of her friends were there among us. Stunned, I resisted approaching her till finally a force more powerful than my shyness grabbed hold of me and made me wash my rice-speckled fingers, unzip my backpack and proceed to Yasmin’s table. I gushed incoherently. She was kind and – what was even more amazing – grateful. I returned to my table with a big smile plastered on my face, clutching my copy of Sepet which now and forever more bears the inscription, “Thanks Helena. Yasmin.” Now it is my turn to say, with all my heart, “Thanks Yasmin. Helena.” – Helena

across the globe i got the news
it rained it thundered by the news…?
the first time in weeks
the earth soaked the tears
as we mourn
we remember…
but i should have been bolder
to say what i never said
that there is a blessed hope
if, if only, if only …
one would never know
so i prayed and asked and pleaded
for His mercy today for you
dear, dear Yasmin – Belinda Siew

Let no one weep for me, or celebrate my funeral with mourning; for I still live, as I pass to and fro through the mouths of men. – QUINTUS ENNIUS – Raja Abdul Razak, Penang

You taught me to be colour blind. You taught me to love my country, to love my parents, to love my family, friends and myself. I follow through all your successes and very proud we have such a great humane and talented director such as you KAK YASMIN! It is a great lost to our nation to lose you. YOU ARE A TRUE HEROINE of 1 MALAYSIA AND A ROLE MODEL TO ALL MALAYSIAN WOMEN! May you rest in peace and all my prayers to your family. with love. – Ashley Pang-Wilhelm

Yasmin, you always make me cry. When you showed us a man promising his late dad to recite thousands more al-Fatihah “at no cost”, I stood up and went to the bathroom to cry. Then in 2001, when you showed us a boy, still joyful after his father’s return from sea, praying for the same for the kids he sees on TV, tears ran down my cheeks and I jumped out so no one could see. The following year on Deepavali you portrayed one Raju-annei sacrificing his youth so that his siblings could live well, I sobbed in the shower until my eyes swell. You always make me cry. Yes, I purposely use the present tense “make” because no matter how many times I watch those minute-long essence of life you bestowed upon us, I will cry. I do because you touch the core of my values and humanity. Your subtle yet provocative have, in more ways than one, made me a better son, better brother, better uncle, better citizen and a better Malaysian. I may have not known you if person, Yasmin, but you are such a tear jerker. And thank you for that. For you Yasmin: al-Fatihah and rest well. – Ewan Shamsudin

A talented lady she was, always making me look forward to festivals where she brings warm smiles to all the hearts of Malaysians with her very touching advertisements. A woman who looked at the film industry as a creative industry and brought it out widely. She brought many Malaysians closer by heart and made us realise how important unity is. A great loss she is, to our nation and film industry, but I hope the younger generation will continue her legacy. – Bunga Lay.

A sad day for the nation. God has taken another beautiful spirit from us far too early. Yasmin has so much to share and teach us all love, unity and compassion. I hope we will all continue to carry her message and spirit of unity and love in us. My condolences to her family and love ones. – Jamie Lim

I saw the news on my friends’ ym status this morning. First thing that come to my mind was the song “Lagenda”.

Kaulah satu satunya
Di antara berjuta
Insan teristimewa
Patah tak tumbuh lagi
Hilang belum berganti
Kerana kau tersendiri
Kau kebanggaan kita
Kau budayawan bangsa
Engkau lagenda

She deserve the status of being a legend. – Ng Jiunn Jye

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend regarding Yasmin’s work and how it touched our hearts. He blatantly said he did not know who Yasmin Ahmad was and wanted to research her work in the internet. After an hour he called me commenting on the excellent work she had done as a Malaysian, saying that it is better than a lot of advertisement he had seen abroad. I was so surprised that this very talented lady passed away. It is a great loss to our nation. I would just like to say thank you for all the meaningful work you have done, Yasmin. – Yap FBB, Kuching

Her works evoke the real Malaysian in us, helping us to overcome racial barriers and differences. Her work in the ‘Love of Tan Hong Ming’ was simply brilliant, making some of us reflect of our own childhood days and think why we can’t just be just Malaysians again – without any form of racialism in us. She will be remembered as a legend, always. – Vijay Nowuram, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

Malaysians are fortunate to have great artistes and movie directors like P. Ramlee, Loga, Sudirman and others. Yasmin Ahmad surely made the change in the movie industry and gave quality products. Her work predominately fosters the different religion and racial boundaries. We hope that someone will continue her work for the betterment of the country. RIP. – James (JK).

I can’t stop reading over and over again the tributes written for this one Iron Lady who touched millions of hearts, across the country & world. I had an opportunity to interview her in early 2006 and since then never once failed to admire her vigour and enthusiam towards almost everything related to the field of creativity. Sepet has been my favourite all time along with other blockbuster movies. I’m dearly missing you now and will always remember you for your infectious smile. R.I.P – Subashini Rajandra.

The country’s movie industry is never something we Malaysians are proud of. Yasmin Ahmad was the exception. She has and will always be the inspiration to all local movie makers and ordinary Malaysians. Her vision in all of her movies was always pure but direct. But the one thing that she was capable of which many of us failed to notice is to break the social barrier. Hers reached out to the disabled, the abused, and even our Mother Earth. Her sudden departure from us was a tragic loss. May her spirit of unity and the essence of creativity be a source of inspiration to us all. God bless her soul. R.I.P., Kak Min. – Mailed to you by Brian Andrew.

Al-Fatihah to Yasmin Ahmad. Nobody tells a story like you do. – Doria Abdullah.

Thank U Yasmin for Tan Hong Ming, ….Thank U for Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin, Rabun, Talentime…. Thank U for all the Merdeka, Hari Raya, CNY & Deepavali ads. Thank you so very much for reminding us that neither Race, nor color, creed or religion can define us. You are truly the sole “1-MALAYSIAN”. Truly Asian. Amin. – EF

We lost a very high standard of quality in our film industry. We remembered that the film “Sepet” was an extraordinary 1Malaysia film in which the art of the directorship is on par with international directors or better. Despite our minister, Datuk Rais Yatim’s criticism but that movie really touched the hearts of 1Malaysian and gained international recognition too. That film is always a class above all local standard of ART in directorship. – azlan goh.

I’m a typical Chinese educated student, a rebellious teenager, with an imperfect impression and prejudice towards other races and religions in my early teenage years. Yet, my mind has changed, my life has changed after I got to know this talented film-maker through her commercials and blog. Frankly speaking, the ONLY Malay film director that I know is Yasmin Ahmad, and the ONLY Malay blog author that I follow is The Storyteller. You have shown us the beauty of a multiracial society through the heart- touching movies and ads. And I believe, your commercials and movies with themes of love, harmony, and respect to one another have inspired everyone out there…As what people said, you made every Malaysian want to be a Malaysian and remind us that we have always been Malaysians. When life separates us I’ll know it is only your soul Saying goodbye to your body But your spirit will be with me always. – Betty.

Kak Yasmin was buried today, and forever we would miss that cheeky smile of hers, or that twinkling in her eyes. A lot like Dumbledore, she rallied Malaysians to unite against racism with her ingenuity. Alas, it is left to us as to how we are going to brave this precarious world. For many who sees Yasmin as a person who renounced her religion, let it be known that she has managed to fight for the true spirit of Islam in her own ways. And that was fought without sidelining any other Malaysians. Al-Fatihah. – Syed Nizamuddin, UiTM Sarawak.

What a sad day to lose such a rare gem of talent like her. I sincerely hope there will be more film producers/directors like her who dare to break the man-made barriers built by our society. Non-pretentious, kind, honest and full of love — that’s the Yasmin we see in her work. My prayers are to her and her family members. May Allah bless you for opening our eyes to subjects which others prefer to remain close and may there be more of you out there. You will be sorely missed 🙁 – Jan from Shah Alam

She deserved to get datukship for her passion in entertainment. Although she is no longer in this world but her her name will be remembered for a long, long time. – Venga

Every year, I look forward to her creative works. I will be at a loss this year. We will miss you, Yasmin. Rest in peace – bplee (Singapore)

She is a true Malaysian film director whose work transcends race and religion. We will all miss her great work. Her passing is truly a great loss to Malaysia. Thank you Kak Yasmin for your great contribution. May God bless her and her soul rest in peace. – Siew Teh

Yasmin Ahmad – a talented storyteller and film director, does not only show her creativity through film making, but in the film making itself, it speaks louder than 10000 written words. I remember watching all her Petronas Ads at one go and couldn’t wait for the next Ads whether during Independence day or any other festive seasons – because it never fails to warm my heart with the message of unity, love, and forgiveness. May you rest in Peace Yasmin, even though you have passed on, but your work, what you have left behind will FOREVER be etched in all our hearts. – Elaine Leong

Today we lost such a wonderful individual. She personified what most of us believe in… a united Malaysia. She will be greatly missed. Never a time when tears would not flow after seeing her movies or her adverts. I’m now an expatriate working in a foreign land but whenever I watch her movies, in that brief moment, I’m in Malaysia. My Malaysia. Only Yasmin understands what this means. Unfortunately many of us have forgotten that… We will miss you. – Rafik Ali, Abu Dhabi

She was a true Malaysian, racial ethnicity was never an issue. She will be missed, for her thought provoking if controversial films. Goodbye and God Bless You. – Dave Raj

A Star has fallen. Yasmin will be missed, very much… – LEE CH

You changed my perception of Malay cinema and changed my life too. May you produce and direct from above. God Bless You. Rest in Peace.- Ravinder Sran

You’ve always been one great director! Thank you for all the wonders you have brought to us, we will miss you forever. Good bye and rest in peace. – LongYC

Yasmin left behind her “values” for the benefit of the present and the future generation. Let’s rejoice in the fortune of having her being part of our society. And let’s spread her message to the young ones so that her message continues to ripple far and wide. May Yasmin find peace and enjoy the merits she has accrued in this life time. May she find happiness where ever she is right now. Good bye Yasmin. – Uncle Bugs

Al-fateha. May Allah be with Yasmin always for all the good and kindness she has done in this world. To the family be strong and god knows….insyaallah – Mohd Sulaiman

Director Yasmin Ahmad captivated the nation with works of art that left a sentimental impression on many including myself. The movie “Sepet” touched my heart in more ways than one. Yasmin Ahmad not only bridged the cultural divide but also the age gap with scenes that brought tears and laughters all in one single run. Residing in Sydney, Australia, I often glance through her work whenever i feel homesick through The Star Online. Puan Yasmin Ahmad, Allah has taken you from us far too early but for reasons we cannot doubt. My prayers are with you and your family, I am sure so are those of millions of Malaysians world wide. Our nation has you to thank for all your amazing efforts, bringing morality, tradition, racial equity and the Malaysian spirit to every Malaysian. Thank you and so long. – JC, Sydney

Being in Melbourne, I felt a kind of sadness at 3am in the morning when I read about Yasmin Ahmad’s passing. Her movies have touched me in a way unimaginable, how her movies have been criticised by certain quarters due to their own misguided prejudice, how we’ll never see her telling her remarkable stories again. She was the one who showed us that the local film scene isn’t entirely bad – and possibly the only local film director whom I respected very much. I can’t help but feel that her passing is too premature. The world is unfair when all the good people in the universe seem to pass on way before their time. – Clem

I was deeply disturbed when I received the news on the passing of Yasmin Ahmad. I even burst into tears. Was praying hard that she would recover from her sudden stroke attack but God loves her more. I never failed to watch her creative works be it films or commercial ads that are true manifestation of 1Malaysia concept. Her views on certain issues may be radical to some, but she was very sincere in conveying them to the people of Malaysia. Rest in peace Kak Yasmin, may God bless your soul. – Chuah Kee Man, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

Yasmin Ahmad was a true example of the 1Malaysia concept. It is really unfortunate that she has left us at such a young age and at the peak of her career. The gift of her compassion and talent will be long remembered. May God bless her soul and may her soul rest in peace. We will miss you Yasmin. – Bong Soon Heng

Yasmin Ahmad, an outstanding writer and director she has been. You are known for your thought-provoking films that convey messages of love, harmony and true nationalism for the country. You will be deeply missed. May your good Soul Rest in Peace. – Dayani Murali, Johor

We have lost a voice of love, forgiveness, compassion; a bridge sorely needed across waters of divide; a talent that crossed national, geographical, cultural spheres; a symbol of integrity, courage. I found myself crying. From her work, I know enough to say, it is the will of God. Rest in Peace. I give thanks to have had the opportunity to be touched by her work, including an opportunity earlier this year to attend a post-screening discussion which she hosted. Thank you, Kak Yasmin. Your works will live on. – Myeegee

I was fortunate enough to have met Yasmin Ahmad once. It was a very special moment because I had just finished watching “Gubra” in the cinemas. Despite my attempts at getting an autograph, Yasmin humbly turned me down and being the wonderful professional that she is, offered me her card instead. We exchanged opinions about the subtle messages behind “Gubra” and the state of Malaysian Culture. I mentioned I have yet to watch “Sepet” and she offered me to drop by her office and get a director’s copy from her personally. Humbled and inspired, I left that day thinking I have met an amazing individual. Her passing today has left a deep void in me. Knowing I will never enjoy anymore great movies and ads she has in store for all of us. However, Yasmin has left behind a great legacy that will truly stay in our hearts for all of time. Thank you, Yasmin. We miss you already. May you rest in peace. – Jeff Mahadi, Tropicana Indah

Yasmin Ahmad has been a household name for many years in my life. Her beautifully choreographed ads were always heart-warming, and some left tears in my eyes. Who will ever forget those touching and thought-provoking commercials for Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali festivals – some can make you laugh and cry at the same time? For those who were silent, she was their voice. For those who were predictable, she challenged the stereotypes. You know you’ve made an impact when your work is the subject of debate and criticism but yet, still greatly acknowledged by people who appreciate. After all, Yasmin’s works have the power to make you sit up and start thinking. And while the rest of the world still go on, may your torch still be carried on into the future by those who want to spread the message of family values, friendship, love, openness and racial-blindness. Yasmin Ahmad, you’ll will always be a hero in many people’s hearts. I will greatly miss you blog entries as well. – Ang Lai Imm

You showed us what it means to look beyond labels. Even to someone who’s so unsentimental like me. I have a small goofy smile on my face after watching your advertisements, and sometimes brush little teardrops off my face. I’m wiping tears off my face now, even as another goofy smile stretches my mouth, in the memory of the work of someone who have touched my heart. Thank you and rest in peace. – Faz K

Thank you for your great advertisements and movies.
Thank you for being such a great storyteller and film maker.
Thank you for everything that you have done.
We will miss you. May you rest in peace. – ahwei

We cant get another Yasmin Ahmad. She is a legacy in the Malaysian film industry. My heartfelt condolence to her family members. – shathish, Damansara.

As far as I know, Malaysia has never had such a great storyteller. She loves Malaysia so dearly that she always incorporate Malaysia’s identity in all her works. I’ll miss her (and her work) dearly and I’m sure every single Malaysians who knows who she is would miss her too!! May you find peace with God, wherever you are. – SY Lau, Subang Jaya

She was the Malaysian masterpiece in Film making. She never fails to produce such divine and meaningful ads for her fellow Malaysians. We have surely become much better souls through her work. She was such an inspiring soul and I wish I had been given the chance to have met her in person. Rest in Peace, Yasmin Ahmad, You’re in a better world and I’m sure you will flourish that place with more inspiring stories that you brilliantly write everyday. God Bless. – Jillian Kaur, Subang Jaya, Selangor

Yasmin Ahmad personifies greatness. Her films and commercials are so so real and genuine that they propel the masses to reconsider the possibility of actually maintaining a harmonious community made up of individuals from different racial and religious backgrounds. Her demise is a great loss to the human race. My heartfelt condolences to her family, friends and not forgetting her legion of fans. Al-Fatihah… – Lynn Nusa, Bintulu

Never will I forget such a great figure in the Malaysian film industry. Frankly speaking I don’t see many Malay films. But I catched all your masterpieces, films and Petronas advertisement. I really hope Petronas would make a DVD compilation of all your works with all proceeds going to charity. This would be the best way to honour “The Great Yasmin Ahmad”…RIP – CK Cheah

It was unfortunate to hear of the demise of the greatest movie director from Malaysia. Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett left us not too long ago. Today, we mourn the loss of Yasmin Ahmad. Yasmin Ahmad has always been a director with a heart at mind. She opted not to go with the mainstream flow, but go with the flow of her heart. Sepet, Gubra and Muallaf are the most fantastic movies made by her. Her works teach us the message of love and forgiveness, where race and religion will never be a obstacle to knowing each other much better. Today, she is gone. But the message of love and forgiveness will stay with us forever. We will greatly miss you and remember the message you are sending to us, Yasmin. – Dave Ding, Singapore

We’ve understood love better by knowing you as you have shown us so much from your experiences and your films. We have lost someone great who has given us love in such a unique way not only through her commercials during festive seasons but also through our daily conversation/contact with her. We live and love better because of her. It saddens me as I did not manage to buy you your favorite Hor Fun that you asked for as both of us were too busy. It’s something I will regret for the rest of my life. Rest In Peace Yasmin. May Allah Bless Your Soul. Al-Fatihah… – Shahrin Ong Abdullah, Bukit Antarabangsa

Salam. Kiriman takziah buat keluarga Allahyarhamah Yasmin Ahmad. Saya adalah peminat Yasmin Ahmad No 1 di Malaysia. Saya amat merasai kehilangan beliau terutama hasil-hasil karya beliau semasa beliau masih hidup. Moga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya. Amin. – Azlina, Kedah

I never knew or met Yassin Ahmad personally, however her commercial for the 50th merdeka got into my heart (PS: im not malaysian). I liked the way she did her commercials about love, honesty, family and respect to one another. I am saddened but as a Muslim, what can I do; it’s faith. They say good people leave us quick, in this case it’s true, malaysia lost a great director. May Allah allows her his mercy, amin. – Al-Nasser Salahaddin

Kak Yasmin, I believe most Malaysians will miss your ads in TV, your movies in cinema. There’ll be no second Yasmin Ahmad, NEVER! And, Kak Yasmin, although we only met once a long time ago, I forgot to tell you that the nasi lemak kukus you made during the screening of the director’s cut of Gubra at me and my brother’s place back in 2005 was yummy! You’ll certainly be missed. Al-Fatihah. – Noor Anita Binti Mohd Tahir

Thank you for showing us that we have always been Malaysians… We need to have more people like you – brave, creative, courageous, witty, beautiful – who have the common sense to do right and not wrong… We do not require tolerance to have friends from other races or religions, any more than the tolerance we need to live with our own siblings… I thought you’d be around forever but life is always too short for those who do good. You will be dearly missed, Yasmin. – Siew Kim, PJ

RIP, yasmin ahmad. No more u, no more meaningful petronas ads, no more quality local movie. we will miss u!! – Danesh Letchumanan

In the swirling, heaving, turbulence of racial dogma and bigotry, you rose to speak for the majority of Malaysians about love, harmony and forgiveness. You shone like a beacon, Yasmin. You made us see the strength and power of oneness, the exquisite delicacy and beauty of racial harmony. I will miss you. Malaysia will miss you. May Allah bless you. – Gulnaz Shaik

I would like to thank her for her great accomplishment especially from all her projects. She will truly be missed and we will never forget her stamina, courage and sacrifices in making stories accepted by all walks of life. May her soul rest in peace. – RCKW & FLY

Very sad day for Malaysia. We have lost one of the most talented and endearing citizens. Too young and too soon. May God bless her soul. – N Hapizah

Never have I loved any local director before Yasmin Ahmad came out with her really cool and often touching commercials and films. I remember how excited I would be everytime her new movies came out! I love Yasmin Ahmad a lot and I’m extremely sad that she’s gone and I cannot watch her works anymore. Rest in Peace Yasmin Ahmad, you know we all love you! – Tan Shirlexia

Rest in peace Storyteller
When you made the movie “Sepet”
It is like making a story of my life
You woke every Malaysian up
You’re the Shakespeare of Asian
Putting “Romeo & Juliet” in “Sepet”
You made every Malaysian
Want to be a Malaysian
You made every Malaysian
Want to watch Malaysian made movie
Thank you. – Johnny Tan

I became a fan of Yasmin through all the numerous Petronas commercials. I was enchanted and at the same time touched by the simple yet effective message that she was trying to send. Then came all the award winning movies which I truly enjoyed. I met some of her notable Sepet and Gubra casts and they are truly gifted. Yasmin has a very talented eye to spot talent and nurture them. Certain quarters create controversy because a lot of people are still in denial over some important social issues. The industry will NEVER be the same without Yasmin Ahmad. May your soul rest in peace. You will be truly missed. I will. Condolences to your family. – Kevin Chow

It is a heartbreaking news knowing the passing of such a wonderful lady like Yasmin Ahmad. Though I do not know her personally, but I always follow her development in the printed and electronic media and Yasmin has got this ‘gift’ from God that very few of us have, especially in this sophiscated and modern world, that is her words ‘touch’ deeply into our hearts and these have been translated into her films and advertisements. I still can’t forget about her PETRONAS advertisements for Hari Raya, which make my eyes tearful. That’s the kind of message she conveyed through her works. Rest in Peace Yasmin. You will always be loved and remembered by us. – Burn, Sri Hartamas.

Yasmin ahmad, you changed people through your subtle touches on celluloid. You made people dance to the tune of keroncong when it’s raining outside. You made people look through colours of the skin. You made Malaysians proud. You will truly be missed. al-fatihah. – Awangku Hisyamuddin bin Pengiran Saifuddin

Yasmin Ahmad can be hailed as the epitome of Bangsa Malaysia. Her films which we believe reflects her idea of Bangsa Malaysia always show that love and relationship transcend all races. This is THE spirit of Bangsa Malaysia. Her demise is not only a loss to the entertainment industry but a bigger loss to Bangsa Malaysia. My condolence to her families and to all who believe in Bangsa Malaysia. Al-Fatihah. – Alice

Really sad to hear about this. Wish you happy in your after life. Your movies are the best from Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh. – Wong Sing Haow

Someone who captured the essence of One Malaysia and wasn’t afraid to promote it in her work. Hope the TV stations will pay the late Yasmin tribute by screening her movies for all Malaysians to view and enjoy again. As we remember Yasmin, let’s also be reminded of her belief in a truly One Malaysia where we all live as loving brothers and sisters. – Ron Pickering

I am still in shock about her untimely death. I always wanted to meet her in person to say thank you for her work and vision. I admire and adore her so much. Condolence to her family and friends. She was so talented and truly Malaysian, one of a kind! May she rest in peace. – Dr. Hairi Lasim

Rest in Peace, Yasmin. You have single-handedly done more to foster racial harmony in Malaysia than anyone else. The world would be a better place if there were more like you. We cherish you, Yasmin. – Ewen Yeoh Ewe Aun

Kak Yasmin, I will always remember you as the person who constantly reminds us to have faith in love, not only through your movies and commercials, but also through your own warm personality. My deepest condolences to your family. – Yee Mey

I only met her once in person, and I must seriously thank god for that. How often do you get to meet someone who is not only a famous celebrity, but more importantly someone you respect and look up to from time to time. In fact her movie SEPET was the first local film I ever watched in a Cinema, and ironically Talentime was the last local movie I also saw in the Cinema. – Han

I never knew yasmin until i saw SEPET a few years back… It was honest & a sincere movie. She is best at what she does. I’ll mourn her by watching SEPET on DVD. RIP yasmin. – azizi othman

My deepest condolences to yasmin’s family. Sad to know we’ve lost a wonderful and talented person. – KLKHOO

Though I do not know you personally, my deepest condolences to your family. Malaysia has really lost someone so talented who has done so much to bring the younger generation from the different races together through your films. You took a chance and dared to do what others don’t. Salute and profound respect for you. May you rest in peace. – Siu Gek, Wern, Ting and Jie

Yasmin Ahmad, the Malaysian Steven Spielberg… now lies in our memory. The 1Malaysia director embraces the word ‘1Malaysia’ through movies and ads. We shall miss you. May you be good hands. Al-fatihah. – Rahim, Labuan

I never knew her personally, but watching her ads, her movies I totally get her. I respect her boldness and enthusiams, she stood up for the truth and her rights. I am a stronger person because of her. I don’t let others pull me down anymore. Thank You Yasmin, You’re an inspiration. – Suraya Ali, KL

‘ALFATIHAH to YASMIN AHMAD, One pretty soul I’ve ever met on earth. Thanks for sharing your visual journey Kak Min, I will always remember you and your filmwork in my little humble heart.’ – bennylita ramlee, selangor

Goodbye Yasmin, another great candle that enlightened Malaysian hearts through her talents in film directing. Though Malaysia has lost another icon but Yasmin’s work, vision and persistency in proving her ideology will be remembered by people who value her contribution to the country. Nothing except death is certain in life. “Mati harimau meninggalkan belang, Mati manusia meninggalkan nama”. Yasmin, you have done it and you have got it. You will be cherished and remembered always. – Eugene Pek

We have lost one of the most cherished daughters of Malaysia who will always be remembered for helping us see and understand Malaysians as we are. – Michael Choong

She conjured her vision of a united Malaysia in her work… her ads and films never fail to inspire and touch hearts. The brilliance of this true Malaysian will be sorely missed. RIP Yasmin. – Johnathan Tan

We just celebrated the 1st anniversary of UNESCO heritage site last nite and the news of Yasmin’s death is a blow to all of us. Her death should be celebrated as she has given us a picture of racial harmony in all her works. The impact she has make in our lives runs deep in our blood. May Yasmin be in good hands now. My condolences to her family and friends. We have lost a Malaysian icon. – chunwoei lim, Penang

Getting a twitter update in the wee hours of the morning today was definitely heart breaking and devastating. Yasmin Ahmad was more than just an incredible filmaker, she was an inspiring individual not just to me but to everyone out there. This noble lady should be commended on her tremendous effort of producing heart -touching ads which portrays the true Malaysia. She has given us the gift that we will definitely treasure. Rest in peace Yasmin Ahmad, as you never fail to inspire me everyday although being thousands of miles away. – Yuvha Dharshini, Auckland, New Zealand.

Hembusan naluri, semburan akal;
Menusuk jiwa peminat yang tinggal;
Memujuk semangat watan yang kental; Buat negara – impian tiada kesal…

Sepet, Gubra merintih meminta;
Merintis budaya bersandarkan cinta;
Agarkan kita melanyak sengketa;
Walau bahasa dan kaum berbeda. – Loh Dennis Kok Kin

Before Sepet came along, I always have this negative feeling about Malaysian made movies. That all change because of Sepet. It made me laugh and cry at the same time, a quality that has been missing from Malaysian movies. Yasmin’s theme of 1Malaysia which is only advocated by our prime minister recently has been in her movies and commercials for a long time. Though I may not have known Yasmin Ahmad personally but her personal work (commercials and movies) touched my heart personally, for that I feel like I have lost a friend. If Michael Jackson’s passing is wept by the world, I think Yasmin’s passing should be wept by all Malaysian regardless of race, religion or ethnic, a true hero of 1Malaysia. A great talent she definitely is. She shall be missed. – CHU SP

Source : The Star

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