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Poverty Fueling Muslim Tension With West

Tweet Joblessness and poverty are a more potent source of tension between Muslims and wider European and U.S. society than religious differences, one of the first major studies of Muslim integration since the Sept. 11 terror attacks claimed on Thursday. Attacks by Islamic extremists on the United States and European capitals such as Madrid and […]

May 13, 1969: View From A Food Court

Tweet “May 13? What is that?” That was not the answer I was expecting when I first approached a table of Chinese students from a top private college having supper to ask them what they thought of the race riots, often touted by politicians as a black mark on race relations, that happened 40 years […]

40 Years After 13 May 1969

Tweet The last time Lee Hung Poh walked unassisted was 40 years ago, before a bullet fired in the heat of Malaysia’s worst race riots sliced through her spine and shattered her future. Neither the 57 year old Lee nor her country has ever completely recovered. To be sure, Malaysia, a Southeast Asian nation of […]

Barisan Nasional Regains Power In Perak State

Tweet Malaysia’s National Front government, armed with a court order, took control of Perak state again on Tuesday in a development that will likely deepen political divisions in the country. An appeals court decision on Tuesday delayed the handover of power to the national opposition after they won the right on Monday in the High […]

Perak Assembly Chaos

Tweet Malaysian police arrested dozens of protesters on Thursday, including three opposition MPs, in a standoff in the northwestern city of Ipoh over who rules peninsular Malaysia’s second largest state. Witnesses saw police, backed by water cannon, surround the state legislature with barbed wire and prevent opposition MPs from gaining access to the legislature, which […]

By-Elections Waste Of Funds

Tweet Malaysia’s leader has said the ruling coalition may sit out an upcoming by-election sparked by the resignation of an opposition lawmaker, decrying it as a political ploy and a waste of public funds. Prime Minister Najib Razak was quoted by the Sunday Star as saying that he would meet leaders of his National Front […]

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